Prognostic value of pulse pressure after an acute coronary syndrome.

Harbaoui B, Nanchen D, Lantelme P, Gencer B, Heg D, Klingenberg R, Räber L, Carballo D, Matter CM, Windecker S, Mach F, Rodondi N, Eeckhout E, Monney P, Antiochos P, Schwitter J, Pascale P, Fournier S, Courand PY, Lüscher TF, Muller O. Atherosclerosis. 2018 Oct;277:219-226

Pulse pressure (PP) is a surrogate of aortic stiffness (AS) easily obtainable. The link between AS and cardio-vascular disease is documented, however, data regarding acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients are scarce and contradictory. We aimed to assess the prognostic value of PP measured at admission, with regard to major adverse outcomes (all-cause mortality, recurrence of MI, and stroke), during the first year following an acute coronary syndrome (ACS).